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Click on the “Settings” icon to be redirected to the “System Settings” window. You will be directed to a mini window. You will be asked whether you wish to keep your files or not. Choose the option as per your requirements and proceed ahead according to the instructions. If you know which software is causing the black screen problem, then you can remove the problematic software. In the Run search box, type “appwiz. From here you can find and remove any problematic software that’s causing the issue of black screen on your PC.

Windows allows you to boot your PC in a clean state. It means booting your PC with all the unnecessary programs disabled. This can help you in finding the problem. Now go to the “Services” tab on the window panel that pops up. Once you are under the “Services”, go to the “Hide all Microsoft Services” option located at the bottom edge of the window on the right side, and then click the Check-box next to it.

Once done, click on the “Disable All” option located at the bottom left of the window. Now, switch to the “Startup” tab located next to the “Service” tab on the same window.

On the Startup tab, you’ll see the “Open Task Manager” option. Click on it to open Task Manager. On the Task Manager window, look for any Startup program that you think might be causing a problem. Disable all such Startup programs one by one using the “Disable” button at the bottom left of the window. Once it’s done, close the Task Manager by using “X” for the selective window, and then click on “OK” on the Startup tab.

Now your PC will restart only with essential programs. You can then see if the problem of the black screen with cursor on your Windows PC still persists or it’s solved.

You can try and access all the enabled tools and programs to see if one of them is causing the issue. If none of the essential programs shows any issue, you need to then find the issue in the disabled programs and services. You can repeat “Step 1- 2”, and this time by keeping half of the “Non-Microsoft” services enabled, and restart your PC.

You can do this again and again by enabling or disabling the remaining “Non-Microsoft” services until the error or program that’s causing a black screen is found. In addition, you can learn how to fix Acer laptop black screen issue. When you encounter the black screen with cursor error, it means all data on your computer can’t be accessed.

Don’t worry. Here is a powerful utility to help you recover lost data even when the computer becomes a black screen. That’s Wondershare Recoverit. Recoverit Data Recovery tool is the best recovery tool that you can use to recover lost data. Thus, if you want a secure and reliable recovery of your data, you should only use the Recoverit tool.

Follow the below instruction to make it. By following the above-mentioned steps, you’ll be able to recover all of your data lost while fixing the error of the back screen on your Windows PC. Without fixing the issue of Windows 10 black screen with only cursor, you won’t be able to use your System. Thus, it’s necessary that you follow one of the above-mentioned methods to fix this issue of the black screen with only cursor. Generally rated 4. There are several methods that you can use to fix this issue of the black screen with only cursor.

Download Win Download Mac. David Darlington. How to fix it? People Also Ask Windows 10 black screen with cursor and no task manager. You can fix this error by pressing the Windows key in addition to the “Ctrl” “B” and “Shift” keys.

Windows 10 black screen with cursor before login. Rollback your system to its previous version by powering on, then off when you see the Windows logo. Do these three times to get into the “Advanced Recovery” window. Use the Advanced options and “Troubleshoot” to go back to the previous version.

Windows 10 black screen with cursor and ctrl alt del doesn’t work. Start fixing this error by booting your computer in Safe Mode. Both can fix the errors in your system that could be causing this black screen. Windows 10 black screen with cursor after sleep. After a few seconds of moving the mouse then stopping, the mouse will disappear. It also randomly displays a loading symbol next to the mouse every few seconds.

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Windows 10 boot black screen with mouse free download


Step 2. It will select system partition and boot-related partitions automatically. And you just need to select a destination. If you are struggling with Windows 10 black screen with cursor issue, you can refer to the above 14 options to fix it after understanding the common causes.

As a free and professional system backup software, AOMEI Backupper Standard can help you backup your Windows system easily and prepare for possible system crashes to safeguard your computer system. Home Articles 14 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor 14 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor To fix the Windows 10 black screen with cursor problem, you need to first understand the cause and try 14 different solutions in turn, while mastering another way to secure your system.

User Case: The Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login “I have a Windows 10 computer that I haven’t used in a long time, and when I turned it on again two days ago, it entered the system correctly, but every time I enter my password, I get a black screen with just the cursor. Why does the black screen of Windows 10 with cursor appear? There are many reasons for this problem, the following are common.

Windows Update is corrupted Windows installation is incomplete Computer power supply failure Problem with driver Software problems Multiple monitor connection problems Screen display anomaly 14 Solutions for Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor How to fix black screen with cursor in Windows 10? Method 1. Switching the display From the results of some user feedback, the method of toggling the display helps to fix the Windows 10 black screen with cursor issue, you can try to use this method to fix the problem.

Method 2. Uninstall or update graphics card drivers If your computer’s graphics card drivers are incorrect, it may also cause the Windows 10 with cursor black screen issue, at this point, you can try uninstalling or updating the graphics card drivers to fix the problem.

Update graphics card drivers When the Windows logo appears on your computer, press and hold the power button to turn off the electricity and repeat this operation 3 times to enter the Windows Recovery Environment Windows RE. Locate and expand Display adapters , right-click on your graphics card, select Update driver in the expanded menu, then click on the Search automatically for updated driver software option.

Uninstall the graphics card driver Open Device Manager in the same way, find and expand Display adapters , right-click on your card, click on Uninstall device option in the expanded menu and wait for its uninstallation to complete. Method 3. Repeat booting and shutting down the computer 3 times to enter the Windows recovery environment, then refer to the above steps and press F4 to enter Windows Safe Mode. Find and open Hardware and Sound , then click on Power Options , then click on the Choose what the power buttons does option from the left sidebar.

Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable option, uncheck the Turn on fast startup option, and then click Save and change.

Method 4. Activate the built-in Windows Administrator account The built-in administrator account can access your computer without any restrictions, but usually, it is inactive, so you need to activate the built-in Windows administrator account to lift the relevant restrictions, which will help to fix the problem of Windows 10 black screen with cursor.

Type cmd in the taskbar search box and open the command prompt. In the Windows recovery environment, press F6 to enter Safe Mode with a network connection. Method 6. Reset your computer If you are having the issue of Windows 10 black screen with cursor after updating Windows, you can try resetting your PC to fix the issue.

In the Windows recovery environment, press F4 to enter Safe Mode. Method 7. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Hi, I have been trying to login to my computer for two days but every time I enter my password a black screen with only a cursor appears. I am unable to access anything on my computer besides task manager. I tried to run explorer.

Hope you can help. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Here is how to do that:. Step 2: You should choose Troubleshoot in Choose an option , and then choose Advanced options. Step 5: Follow the guidance to restore your PC. When a warning window for formatting pops up during the process, you need to click Yes.

Receive the system image restore failed error message in Windows 10? This post shows you full solutions to fix it on 3 common cases. The steps are as follows:. Step 1: Enter WinRE. Then, wait until the procedure ends. To run DISM, you should type the following commands one by one. Step 1: Enter the WinRE. Step 2: Choose Keep my files and continue with the resetting process. You can get some feasible methods to get rid of it. Click to Tweet.

What should you do after fixing the annoying issue? Here is a piece of professional backup software — MiniTool ShadowMaker for you to do that. It enables you to back up files and keep them safe from an unbootable computer. Besides backing up files or folders, it can also back up disks, partitions, and even the operating system. Now, download MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial from the following button or choose to purchase an advanced edition.

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Full Fixes for the “Windows 11/10 Black Screen with Cursor” Issue


Is your PC greeting you with a black screen, a never-ending rotating circle, or just a Windows logo when you try to boot up? It could be anything! Seeing a black screen before login? Or after login? Or how about a black screen with only a cursor? The possible causes of a black screen could be:. A Windows update gone wrong recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues.

Note that the solutions look very different depending on whether the black screen happens before you see the login screen or after. Or, jump down to solutions for a black screen after logging in. One of the best tools for this is AVG TuneUp , which can turn off all non-essential applications and put them to sleep. Get it for Android , Mac. Get it for Mac , Android. Cables break. Constantly plugging in connectors wears them out over time.

To check whether your cable is somehow affected, try a different video cable e. Your display could be defective or set to the wrong source, which can also lead to a black screen. Try connecting to a different display if you have one.

Or move from your monitor to TV or vice versa. The issue could also be a mismatch of monitor and resolution. Perhaps some plugged in hard disk, Wi-Fi antenna, or your VR headset is causing an issue during boot. Try eliminating all these factors and removing everything not directly necessary for your PC to work.

Just leave your monitor, mouse, and keyboard plugged in. On a big desktop computer, try removing all unnecessary components, such as sound cards, or switch out the graphics card and upgrade your RAM.

Hit that repeatedly right after pressing the power button. Try finding an entry that says Load defaults or Optimized defaults or something similar. This will reset everything back to default settings in case something went awry. After doing this repeatedly, the Windows Startup repair should launch automatically.

Click Restart and hope that this fixes your black screen problem. Select the first option: System Restore. Hit the Next button and wait for Windows to restore all necessary files and essentially bring things back to the state where everything worked swimmingly. In some cases, you might need to reinstall an application or an update that you installed in the meantime.

Windows Safe Mode launches your PC with the absolute minimum amount of drivers or programs running, which will help you avoid a black screen.

To go into Safe Mode , follow the steps above to enter the Windows Repair environment tool. This time, click on Startup Settings. Press 5 to launch your computer in Safe Mode with networking options. Uninstall applications that could interfere with your boot: graphics drivers, audio drivers, network drivers, etc.

Try turning off all startup items using the Task Manager. Right-click on your taskbar, select Task Manager and then go to Startup. Turn off everything you see here by right-clicking on each item and selecting Disable.

Next, reboot the system normally. Enable one item, reboot, and make sure everything is working. Then repeat the process with the next item on the list. As mentioned above, a faulty device driver can easily cause an unbootable system.

To fix this, uninstall any device drivers that could be a problem, as mentioned above. One good way of doing this is by right-clicking on your start button and selecting Device Manager. Check out our ultimate guide on how to update device drivers.

Or, if you want to update your drivers immediately and keep them updated automatically, try AVG Driver Updater and run a free scan. You get to your log-in screen, type in your password, but then the screen goes black? Sound familiar? Reboot the system and hopefully this will solve the problem. The program Explorer.

In Task Manager , click on File , and then select Create new task. Type in explorer. Please make sure to create a backup of your PC or system restore point before you make any changes here. We also recommend using a dedicated registry cleaning tool to clean up and repair any broken registry items on your Windows PC.

In the Run box, type in regedit. Hit Enter. On the right-hand side of the screen, double-click on Shell. If something else is written there, it could be a virus, malware , or some other potentially unwanted program. To find out, do some exploring and try Googling the name. It will then delete the malware and set up defenses to detect and block any future signs of trouble.

Get it for Android , iOS , Mac. Get it for Mac , PC , Android. Are you getting a black screen randomly showing up at launch or even while working? This could have something to do with your graphics driver. See more detailed instructions for how to update your graphics drivers.

If your PC is connected to multiple monitors or even a VR headset which Windows recognizes as a monitor! This will make Windows switch between display modes. That should help. And pressing it a third time will show it on another display. We hope this guide has helped you solve your black screen issues! But, if all else fails, then you probably need to reinstall Windows from scratch, because the issue is likely more serious or even beyond fixing. Going forward, our advice is to keep your system fresh and maintain it on a weekly basis to help prevent issues like the black screen problem.

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Security Tips. AVG News. See all Security articles. IP Address. Social Media. Privacy Tips. See all Privacy articles. Performance Tips. See all Performance articles. Link copied. What is the cause of the black screen of death? This article contains:. The possible causes of a black screen could be: A Windows update gone wrong recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues.

A graphics-card driver problem. A hardware defect. Loose cables in your PC or laptop. Connection issues between your PC and monitor. A problematic startup application or driver that runs automatically. Solutions for a black screen — before logging in! Download free trial Get it for Android , Mac.

Download free trial Get it for Mac , Android. More helpful tips Free install.


Windows 10 boot black screen with mouse free download. How to Fix Black Screen with Cursor after Windows 10 Creators Update


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