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Microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free

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The CD and sealed case look genuine. I did a second install on my laptop allowed by the license and the exact same thing happened. Three questions:. Why does the Product Key reported by the key finder software differ from the one on the CD case?

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. You ran into a problem where http://replace.me/25488.txt Product Key no longer works.

Using the following tips you figure that you have a bootleg copy of Office. What can you do? Determine how reputable the source is. Is it national retail chain or an individual selling on the internet? Pay the difference. If they are not reputable, and you used an intermediary source like Craigslist or Kagigi or such, contact them and report the vendor.

They may have a refund policy or mediation service that will work for you. With a little luck, MS will shut them down. MS is serious about shutting down piracy, which is why legal users are put through the bother of microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free activation process.

If the product key you used to install ends in TBBBG, then you are using the second most commonly pirated Office product key. Explain the situation to them and ask them to explain the exact reason why your activation is failing. They do have this information. If you are not satisfied with their explanation, calmly ask to speak to a supervisor. Although the article refers to spammers, I suspect they would be just as happy to go after bootleg software sellers. Visa has begun threatening banks that harbour spammer accounts in a move designed to crush the spam revenue model.

Under the model, organisations who spot counterfeit products being sold by spammers can report the fraud to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalitiona task force composed of executives from corporations including Microsoft, Rolex and Apple.

The coalition would then investigate the compliant and refer the matter to Visa, which would then pressure the acquiring bank processing the spam transactions to shutter the accounts. For more information about the benefits of microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free Office, please visit нажмите сюда following website: Benefits of genuine Office.

For more information, follow these steps:. On the Office Genuine Advantage results page, click Submit a qualifying counterfeit report on the right side of the screen, and then follow the instructions. Ie PID Focus on the 3 digit part of the ID in the example if it matches or is within one or two digits of the examples below.

If the Key you have on the pkge or the Key found using a Key finder is the Key shown in your first link. If Office had been preinstalled, a full version, an Office disk would have been supplied together with its separate Key. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Install, redeem, activate Microsoft and Office Search Community member.

Three questions: 1. How can I be sure I have a genuine copy of the software? This thread microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Report abuse.

Details required :. Cancel Submit. Previous Next. It sounds very much like it is not genuine. Thanks for your feedback. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

Rohn MVP. I have to agree with Doug. It sounds like a hacked installation file with the Product key “built in”.

You could take a chance and try googling for PART not all of both product keys to see if you find them identified as hacked. Apparently bootleggers have produced по ссылке convincing packaging that mimics the real thing.

Here are some links on identifying bootleg copies. Sorry, much of this material is for newer versions Microsoft Office Suites License Designations – Product key images. In reply to Rohn’s post on November 10, I don’t know if they would apply it to Click here to learn more.

Thank you Doug and Rohn for your helpful replies. Let’s assume that the CD I received was part of an open, but unused, set of Office install disks and it simply was put back into the wrong CD case and re-shrinkwrapped for sale. I say that because the inside of the cardboard CD case has scratches on it and that wouldn’t be the case if it was never opened.

So, that leaves one main question. Is there any type of installation that automatically assigns the product key microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free the user entering it manually, such as some kind of OEM or volume licensing?

Is that a hackable action? In reply to MrVivona’s post on November 10, At the factory the OEM installation uses a “genric” corporate Product key. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that even at the factory they still have to do individual activations to capture the hardware specific information used in the activation process. Since you have been able to find your Product Key using google to my mind it is approaching certainty that you have a bootleg copy with a resealed installation disk package.

The only thing you have to match is the Year and Bundle to the Product Key. In reply to Palcouk’s post on November 10, Is that normal, or should the Product ID be different for each installation of the same Product Key, up to the limit of installations allowed by the license?

Obviously Microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free was referring to the Win Key, as stated. This site in other languages x.


Microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free


This has all the brilliance of Chevrolet selling me a car in , then because I won’t purchase a new Chevy every other year being informed that I have only 48 more trips available and then my car will be useless Many thanks.

Your analogy is wrong. First you would “own” the car, you do not “own any part of the software, other than the physical disk it is on” Think of it more like renting or leasing the software, read your user agreement, note I didn’t say owners manual. Now then on to the issue.

You will have to find the Microsoft support phone number for the product and talk to them over the phone, they should be able to give you a working code. Now if for some reason they won’t, just install open office , it is free, and can read and save files in the microsoft office formats, and many other office suite formats. Quote: now-useless activation business.

If you only use office to look at docs and not to edit them, why not use the Word Viewer. Yeah, I never found anything saying phone support is no longer available for Office Where is our OP? Thanks for the responses. Fascinating journey, this. Re my analogy of owning a car being wrong. I think not. When purchasing “The Cornerstone of the Microsoft Office System” their promo I did not only purchase a shiny plastic computer disk — I purchased the use of the program on that disk — for however long I choose to do so.

MS’s non-reactivation prohibits me from that use. As you said: Now then on to the issue find the Microsoft support phone number for the product and talk to them over the phone, they should be able to give you a working code.

Did make that call to BanglaIndia and was informed by the rep that “because is an old program that MS no longer supports” he “would have to get into my computer” — should I be willing to pay for him to do that — and “solve the problem. He also pointed out that my continued use of the soon-to-be-discontinued-support Windows XP is unacceptable to MS and that I should upgrade everything.

Since that’s something that I have not need to or interest in doing, guess I’ll just keep truckin’ on ’til “the old car dies someday What do you mean by “product ID on the CD sleeve”? So, for all intents and purposes, “phone support” is nonexistent. PEB Windows 7 64bit Office 64bit. Thank You! Hi there, I too have the same problem trying to install Office on a Laptop running Win I get the option to activate over the Internet, am then told this option is no longer supported and I should acivate by phone.

I click on this option to be told that this option is no longer supported. I contacted Microsoft by way of “Microsoft Answer Tech”, spent an hour explaing the problem, got the impression I was the first to have this problem and nobody knew how to resolve it. The person dealing with me said she had passed it up to her managers and they would contact me shortly with their response. Needless to say I am still waiting and have resorted to you good people to help me out. I am in the UK and the toll free number given in this post does not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Last edited by rsssnooker; at AM. Reason: updated. I rang the UK number and went through the activation process only to be told I could only put Office onto one PC. I understood I could put it onto 3 PCs. I must start searching for alternative software that is not from Microsoft.

Activation solved. Thanks Paul, I rang the UK activation line , and after a few automated failures I managed to speak to a real live person. This woman was able to sort out the problem in less than 5 minutes and gave me an activation code which works well enough on Windows There is an error code when running updates, but I can live with that.

I just don’t understand how Microsoft can try to block you installing software which you bought and paid for. Its fine that they no longer support it but don’t block users from reloading the software. Thanks again Paul, problem solved.

Microsoft isn’t blocking anything except an apparent exceeding of the number of CPUs on which your licence allows you to run the software. Cal Avigdor Moorefield.

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Wow, marvelous weblog format! I have an Installation ID. All I need is a Confirmation ID. If this phone number is not available, what is the activation phone number for Office ? I didn’t see a “Deactivate this program” button, so I just uninstalled it off of my old computers. Did I miss something? That’s how I got the “Telephone activation is no longer supported for this product” message. Threats include any threat of suicide, violence, or harm to another. Any content of an adult theme or inappropriate to a community web site.

Any image, link, or discussion of nudity. Reports state that the Hack takes anywhere from a few seconds to two minutes depending on your processing speed. See detailed hack code below. Serial-Crack refers to the code as the quick brown fox text. Copy this text into your clipboard:. If you see your clipboard data displayed on the next screen, then any website can view your clipboard data! Not good depending on what you copy and paste! I tried to install my office pro on another computer in the house and it installed and went immediately to update and now it says office pro is now office pro trial?


Microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free. Product ID to Activation Key


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We’ll send you the first draft for approval by September 11, at AM. If you cannot manually delete a program file, this may mean that the file is being used or that some other program is accessing the file and preventing you from deleting it.

For example, antivirus software may be accessing the file. When antivirus software is accessing a program file and making it impossible to delete it, it’s likely that this same antivirus software was preventing you from uninstalling the program by more traditional means. Install a program. Uninstall or change a program. Installing programs: frequently asked questions. Could not start the Windows Installer service on Local Computer.

Error 5: Access is denied. To determine whether you’re using an account that has administrator rights. Click Start. Type the following command in the Start Search or Search programs and files box, and then press Enter: timedate.

Do one of the following, depending on what happens when you click Continue: If your computer does not prompt you for a password, you are already logged on with an administrator account.

Click Start, and then click Run. Type the following command in the Run dialog box, and then press OK : timedate. Try to install or uninstall again. Click OK to close the Properties window.

Try to install or to uninstall again. Fix that installation or update process was not completed successfully. The installation or update method doesn’t run to completion There are several methods that can be used to install, to uninstall, or to update a program.

The following are common methods that are used to install software: Insert the CD or DVD media, and then let the installation auto-start.

The setup file is typically one of the following: Autorun or Autorun. Method 3: Obtain a fresh version of the installation packageIf you tried to install from a CD or DVD, do the following: Check the software manufacturer’s website for a more recent version of the software package.

Downloaded or copied installation files are corrupted Method 1: Copy the installation files to your computerCopy the installation files to a local hard disk on your computer or to other removable media. Method 2: Obtain a fresh version of the installation packageIf some time has elapsed between when you downloaded the package and when you tried to install it, do the following: Check the software manufacturer’s website for a more recent version of the software package.

Programs that are currently running on your computer are interfering with the installation process Disable programs that might be interfering with the installation process. To do this, follow these steps: Click Start , type msconfig in the Search box, and then click msconfig.

Click OK , and then click Restart. Try running your software program installation. The following are common methods that are used to install software: Method 1: Use the uninstall option if available Click Start , and then click All Programs. Select the folder for the program that you are trying to uninstall, and then open the folder.

If there is an uninstall option, try using it. Enable MSI logging, and then read the. If you are considering uninstalling the program manually, be aware of the following: Before you use this method, make sure that you create a system restore point. Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? In Windows XP , information about the following ten categories of hardware is included: [6].

Every time a PC is booted, Windows XP checks the hardware configuration against that which existed at the time of installation. From the above list, six or more items must change for the reactivation to be required. The position is complicated in that the network card MAC address is regarded as three items.

Therefore, if the network card is not changed, a change to six or more other items will trigger a reactivation. If the network card is changed, then just three other changes will trigger a reactivation. PCs that are considered dockable are treated more leniently as hardware will, by definition, regularly change.

A dockable PC is one that is equipped with a docking port that connects to an expansion unit that features extra ports or hardware these are usually ancillary units custom designed for some laptop PCs.

A dockable PC is allowed three extra changes beyond a non-dockable PC before reactivation is required. The verification data is also based on the product key entered during activation. In some cases, the product key is checked against a list of known illegally distributed keys.

Certain retail copies of Windows and Office sold in certain countries classified as emerging markets have geographical activation restrictions, which only allow the user to activate the product within the indicated region.

In Windows 7 and later, significant hardware changes e. Motherboard may require a re-activation. If activation completes successfully, the user can continue to use the application without any further issues or impediments.

Also, if the key gets blacklisted, the application will continue to run as normal unless a clean install and activation is performed after its key has been blacklisted. The following tables illustrate the usage of product activation throughout Microsoft software, specifying whether the programs can be equipped with retail or volume licensing activation as well as geographical activation restrictions.

A personal licence is re-activated on a new machine by logging in to office. While Microsoft says that product activation benefits consumers by allowing Microsoft to produce higher quality software, [1] it has nevertheless received much criticism regarding its design and implementation, effectiveness at stopping piracy and respect of privacy rights.

For instance, during the development of Windows XP, beta testers strongly criticized the introduction of product activation, particularly because a change in computer hardware required re-activation. Cyrus Peikari and Seth Fogie, security consultants, considered product activation to be “hostile both to privacy and to human dignity.

Others defend Microsoft’s use of product activation. The group concluded by stating that users of genuine Microsoft products ultimately receive superior performance while counterfeit users are susceptible to security issues and lost productivity.


Microsoft office professional edition 2003 confirmation id free


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