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How to use AutoArchive in Outlook to archive older items you want to keep. In Outlook Click File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive. Archive. Discusses the AutoArchive feature in Outlook. Explains the difference between archiving and exporting items. You’re also given the steps to.


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Delete expired items e-mail folders only This option is not selected by default. You can choose to have e-mail messages deleted when their aging period has expired. The default period for your Draft and Inbox items is six months, and three months for your Sent Items, but you can change these periods using the Clean out items older than option.

Archive or delete old items You must choose this option if you want AutoArchive to delete some or all items when they expire. This option activates other options that enable you to decide which items are archived and which are deleted when they reach the end of the aging period. Then choose additional settings to apply to both archiving and deletion.

Note: In the AutoArchive dialog box, “folders” refers to your main Outlook feature areas, such as the Calendar folder and Task folder, and individual e-mail folders.

This is because your Calendar and Task items are stored in their respective Calendar and Task folders. Show archive folder in folder list Choose to have the Archive folder listed with your other working folders in the Navigation Pane. In the main Archive folder, you can open the subfolders and view your archived items. When viewing your archived items, you can verify that the correct items were archived, and you can also drag any items that you need back to a working folder.

Clean out items older than Choose the default setting for when you want your items archived, in days, weeks, or months. You can set a period of one day up to a period of 60 months. It does not mean “delete” unless you have specified that setting for the folders elsewhere. Move old items to The default setting for this location is different for computers that are running the Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems.

If you want to set another destination for the archived items, you can browse to and set a different location. Items will be moved to this location after their aging period. Note: Items archived in a custom location will not be deleted unless you open the folders and delete them manually.

Permanently delete items This option immediately deletes the expired items instead of moving them to the default location, another folder that you have designated, or the Deleted Items folder.

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